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  • Inner peace and joy for living are not gained, they are recognized within.
  • New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.
    Lao Tzu
  • If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
    Wayne W. Dyer

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Do you want to improve your concentration and focus better on task at hand?
Do you find yourself constantly tired and loosing your energy and time on stressful situations?
Do you long for inner peace and emotional balance?
Do you want better results in school or to be more productive at work?
Are you often unhappy with your life and the world around you?
Are you hunted by your fears and your past troubles you ?
Is your goal to improve your performance in sports?
Do you often have conflicts with others and difficulties in your relationships?
Is it difficult for you to stop worrying or thinking about your past problems?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, call for a consultation and give yourself the gift of a NEW BEGINNING.

About me

I am Dr. Dunja Pacirski and the New Beginnings, Center for Emotional Wellness, unfolded as a part of my new beginnings as I decided to add a new chapter into my life story and expand my practice to Croatia and my hometown Zagreb. My own continuous inner searching for the best version of me and my two decades-long work as a mental health clinician and healing practitioner lead me to insights, skills, and practices that help me bring my personal vision and professional mission to life:

Helping people find inner peace and expand in joy and love for Self, Life, and each other.

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Stress and demands of everyday living and our past life stories, often filled with suffering and various traumas, do not need to control our present, too. Inner peace and joy for living are our birthright choices and innate capacities we can cultivate from within, not states of being conditioned by the circumstances outside of us that can be given or taken away from us.
My goal is to guide you to them by helping you heal and strengthen the skills that will allow you to access emotional wellness and the quality of life in a fulfilled potential with love for yourSelf, your Life and the world around you.

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