First walk through New Beginnings

1. November 2019.

My dear friends,

here I am, a whole year in Croatia, stepping into a new phase of manifesting my vision and ready to share with you fruits of my New Beginnings so far. This continues to be often simultaneously exciting and terrifying journey, yet particularly for all these emotional rainbow colors in it, more than anything, fulfilling experience for me.

I always thought of myself as a person who naturally leans into patience, hope, optimism, and enthusiasm. However, throughout the last year I found out firsthand that, as any other life principles, these are more than just nouns. As a matter of fact, they are everyday verbs, demanding consistent responsible playfulness, creative efforts and labor of a little ant. But the results of this labor are a beautiful, new, and entirely authentic, MY story.

So, please, come in and take a walk through it… and, come back any time you need a moment of inspiration, silent space, or spark of hope to inspire a vision and manifestation of your New Beginnings, too.

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