Mindfulness in supervision

This two-hour workshop will introduce you to an innovative and constructive experiential learning methodology of reflective practice and its self-monitoring strategies, directed toward continuous development of professionals providing psychosocial services. While simultaneously enhancing their skills for self-care, the aim of this supervision model is to help refine practitioners’ embodied competencies such as their self-awareness, empathy, and present-moment orientation, all of which have been proven to facilitate a more creative approach to working with others, foster therapeutic alliance, and deepen their therapeutic presence (i.e., the ability to be fully present with their clients, perhaps one of the most critical yet elusive qualities of any skilled practitioner.) Integrated into process of supervision, reflective practice methodology includes three-week training of self-monitoring strategies such as semi-structured journaling, mindfulness meditation, and group processing, some of which will be demonstrated in theory and practice during this workshop.

Mindfulness u superviziji

Goal of this workshop is to demonstrate theoretical and practical application and benefits of reflective practice and its self-monitoring methodology in education and supervision of professionals providing care for others in order to deepen their experiential knowledge and stregthen their faculties such as the quality of their self-awareness, self-care, and emotional regulation.

Experiential learning outcomes:

  1. Identify relevance and benefits of integrating reflective practice and mindfulness (meditation) in personal and professional development.
  2. Differentiate and apply various types of mindfulness (meditation) and other self-monitoring strategies
  3. Articulate and evaluate competencies of reflective and self-aware practitioner.
  4. Creatively apply strategies for cultivating self-awareness and strengthen capacity for self-care.

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